UBALE French B2B Business expansion

Bring your B2B technology to the French market

We help you achieve your expansion into the french market by providing the best help on everything related to sales

Our offer

This is what we can help you with for you to succeed in your business expansion

cold email

From translating and adapting your sequence to the French Market to creating one from scratch

Lead nurturing

From exchanging mail and doing demos to closing the prospect


We write you an effective script for cold-calling, in french, with it's translation in English for monitoring your monitoring purpose, and

sale strategy

we guide you on how to approach the french market, who to prospect, long story short, give you a market insight

Our goal

Working in sales in the french market taught us what make this market one of the hardest to expand in.
We aim to provide a starting point for B2B tech companies that want to introduce themselves to this market without making the common errors that we saw daily.
By providing our expertise, we make sure that you have everything in your hands to make it work.

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